Deep Creek- Utopia Hazy Double IPA, 8% 440ml

Deep Creek- Utopia Hazy Double IPA, 8% 440ml

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Fresh From New Zealand!

Deep Creek Brewery:

Here at Deep Creek we draw on experience from engineering, science, hospitality and the arts to form the foundation of our beer.  Being adventurous ensures that we keep on pushing forward with curiosity, exploring the unknown or redefining previously forged paths. 

Whether creating our perfectly sessionable, trophy winning, Undercurrent pilsner, or using recently released malt and hop varietals in a new hazy IPA, or aging a funky sour beer in oak barrels and cherries for months on end, we endeavour to take your tastebuds on a trip!  With brews to suit every palate, come on a flavour adventure and discover new styles and taste sensations!


Tasting Notes:What’s the added bonus of dry hopping three times? Why not just dump all the hops in at once? A triple dry hop refers to separation of the dry hopping into three different additions. Two during fermentation, and one more towards the end which maximises and intensifies hop flavours and aromas.

This triple dry hopped hazy double IPA has ripe tropical fruit flavours of papaya and citrus.

Welcome to Utopia.