Equilibrium - Straight  Outta Middletown, 10%, 440ml

Equilibrium - Straight Outta Middletown, 10%, 440ml

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Straight Outta Middletown South Street Edition is similar to its kin, SOM, but uses some updated hardware in our new home here on South Street to elevate the notes and flavor profile. Adding it our Project Elevate Series, the label features a drone’s eye view of the beautiful city of Middletown and our Brewery right before sunrise in late July of this year.

This beer stays true to its Henry Street roots and investigates the interplay between our ale strain and a big Mosaic and Citra forward hop bill woven multiple times during our updated processes.

SOM (SSE) pours a bright tangerine color, releasing notes of grovestand orange, pineapple, and earthy grass. The taste is highly resinous, dank and luscious citrus, passionfruit, lime, and a touch of fun dip stick crossed with smarties that leads to a chewy mouth feel and a firm and pointed bitterness along with our signiture #EQjuice profile. We are happy to welcome SOM to South Street!